2 Star Award

2 Star

The 2 Star Award is an improvement award which supports the development of fundamental paddlesport skills on sheltered water.

It recognises a paddler’s understanding of how the paddle, boat and water interact and their ability to control movement of both canoes and kayaks using fundamental skills.

2 Star Overview

Minimum Age

Recommended from 14 years of age


Guided Learning Hours:  6


Candidates must be able to swim 25 metres wearing a buoyancy aid and have experience of:

  • Paddling two different craft – surf kayak, closed cockpit kayak, open cockpit kayak, closed cockpit canoe, solo/tandem open canoe, racing boat, wave‐ski, flat‐hulled boat, v‐shaped hull, slalom boat, polo boat or sea kayak
  • Paddling in two different locations – canal, river, loch/lake or sea. Different parts of large bodies of water can be counted as two different locations
  • Competing in two paddlesport competitions – club level event, slalom, polo, sprint, freestyle, bell‐boat, etc. OR completing two journeys of approximately two hours’ duration

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Course Content

This award is obtained by demonstrating performance in both a kayak and a canoe. Any style of kayak or canoe is permissible, e.g. open cockpit, sit-on-top, v-shaped hull or flat bottomed, etc. (each person in a doubles crew must perform each task from both the bow and stern).


Candidates who successfully complete the 2 Star will receive a Star Award Pass Slip from the provider.

Completed Pass Slips will need to be returned to the provider’s Home Nation Association with the certification fee.

A 2 Star Certificate will then be issued to the candidate.