3 Star Award

3 Star Award paddlers paddling into the sunset

Successful performance in the 3 Star Award indicates that a candidate can consider themselves as an intermediate paddler rather than a beginner, the candidate having demonstrated personal competence in a chosen discipline.

3 Star Overview

Minimum age

Recommended from 14 years of age


  • Provide evidence of a certain amount of paddling time; this varies with each discipline
  • Maintain consistent 2 Star standard of performance in the appropriate craft before starting to work towards the Award.
  • Have the ability to swim confidently in the discipline environment wearing normal paddling clothes

More Information

For more information on this Award, view the relevant documents for the disciplines here

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Next steps

Paddlesport Leader

Paddlesport Instructor

Course Documents

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Course Content

The 3 Star Award is a discipline specific award and can be completed in:

  • Freestyle Canoe
  • Freestyle Kayak
  • Open Canoe
  • Sea Kayak
  • Sea Sit-On-Top
  • Surf
  • Touring Canoe
  • Touring Kayak
  • White Water Kayak
  • White Water Canoe


Candidates who successfully complete the 3 Star Assessment will receive a 3 Star Award Certificate following a recommendation from the course provider to the relevant Delivery Centre and upon payment of the certification fee.