Advanced Canoe Leader

Advanced Canoe Leader. Tandem canoes head across advanced water as a leader looks on.

The British Canoeing Awarding Body Advanced Canoe Leader award demonstrates a candidate has entered the top level of performance, involving a high level of personal skill, leadership ability and judgement to lead groups of up to four solo paddlers or three tandem crews on advanced river journeys and on remote, exposed open waters in open canoe.

It is the appropriate test for paddlers who wish to lead groups of paddlers with a range of experience on advanced white water and advanced open water.

Advanced Canoe Leader Overview

Minimum age

18 years


3-day Training / 2-day Assessment


Optional and free-of-charge.  Leadership eLearning

Completion time

You have 3 years to complete the course


  • Relevant Leadership Training: Advanced Canoe Leader training within previous 3 years
  • First Aid Award: Recognised 2-day First Aid within last 3 years
  • Registration Fee: £39 for British Canoeing Members
  • Age: 18 years of age, or older

Finding an Advanced Canoe Leader Course

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Course Documents

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Core Skills Covered

The Advanced Canoe Leader course content covers the following:

Part A – Personal Paddling Skills
Part B – Rescue Skills
Part C – Safety, Leadership and Group Skills
Part D – Theory

For full details of the content covered, please refer to the Advanced Canoe Leader Syllabus.

Methods of Assessment

Assessments normally run over two days, including two evening exercises.

  • Inland: Large areas of open water which exceed Moderate Inland Water and/or have winds in excess of Beaufort force 4.
  • White Water: Grade 3(4) white water for canoe.

If these conditions are not available, then an assessment cannot take place.

Upon completion of the Assessment, the course provider will submit successful participants for certification.

For full details of the content covered, please refer to the Advanced Canoe Leader Assessment Notes.