Catch Up Advent Calendar

We have had a busy year with lots of new content to support Paddlers, Instructors, Coaches, Leaders and Providers in the Paddlesport community. We have put together this advent calendar with just some of our key picks of the year.

We would like to thank everyone for their contribution, advice and support, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Click on each door to reveal the content (We’re also letting you cheat and open all the doors at once).

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New Awarding Body Website

In January, the new Awarding Body website launched which is packed full of information and eLearning activities to inform and support you through your paddlesport journey.  There’s something for everyone with information about the Awarding Body, all of the Qualifications and Awards, a Paddler Zone and a Provider Zone.


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New Personal Performance Awards!

The NEW Personal Performance Awards are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development, in the craft and environment they choose. These will replace the Star Awards and Paddlepower in January 2019. Read more here.


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The Racing Handbook

British Canoeing Awarding Body has updated the Racing Handbook to ensure it can be used as a relevant resource for those interested in the racing discipline. This is available as a free eBook which can be downloaded below.

Racing Handbook

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Approach and Ethos behind the NEW Personal Performance Awards

Aligned with the British Canoeing Awarding Body Educational Philosophy, the NEW awards provide autonomy for both the individual and Provider, enabling progression and development, embracing individualisation and empowering the paddler.

Click here to watch the short video about the ethos

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FSRT & WWSR Prerequisites

There are no age restrictions to the British Canoeing Foundation Safety & Rescue Training  or the White Water Safety & Rescue Training.

Click here to find out more about the British Canoeing Safety Training.

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The New Coach Award

The eagerly anticipated Coach Award was launched in January 2018. The Coach Award creates discipline specific pathways across all disciplines and environments and is designed for people whose core function is to coach paddlers who want to gain/improve paddlesport skills. This will include coaching beginners new to the sport, or paddlers looking to develop their skills in the given discipline/environment. Find out more here.

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SUP, Slalom and Racing Technical Groups Established

In January 2018, British Canoeing recruited and announced the Stand Up Paddleboard, Slalom and Racing Technical Groups. Each group consists of specialists who help shape, advise and provide recommendations to the Coaching, Leadership, Safety and Personal Performance Awards.


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2018 UK Coaching & Leadership Conference

The eagerly anticipated 2018 UK Coaching & Leadership Conference took place over a weekend in February at Eastwood Hall, Nottinghamshire with the biggest attendance yet and delegates from across the globe including the UK, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United States, giving a satisfaction rate of 87%.  To see the highlights video and read more click here.

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Coach Award Welsh Translation

British Canoeing Awarding Body worked hard to secure the translation of the Coach Award content into the Welsh language. The translated content can be found here.

Nadolig Llawen! 

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Online Coaching Certificates

British Canoeing Awarding Body introduced online certificates for the Paddlesport Instructor, Coach Award and Performance Coach. This supports our responsibility to the environment and ensures you receive your certificates as quickly as possible! Duplicate certificates and printed certificates can also be ordered online here.

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Code of Conduct for the Coaching Workforce

British Canoeing has recently reviewed the Code of Conduct for the Coaching Workforce.

The new Code incorporates the UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK) Code of Practice for Sports Coaches and defines all that is best in good coaching practice.

Regardless of the badge, qualification or title, the Code applies to all those who help others achieve their goals through paddlesport.

Download the Code of Conduct for the Coaching Workforce

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NEW Paddlesport Instructor

The NEW Paddlesport Instructor award is designed for people whose main focus is to deliver paddlesport taster/starter sessions and short journeys in very sheltered water environments, within the safety management systems of clubs/centres or other organisations. The NEW Paddlesport Instructor was announced in July 2018 and will launch in January 2019. More details can be found here.

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First Aid eLearning

British Canoeing shared a FREE eLearning activity based on First Aid relevant to paddlesport. ‘An Introduction to First Aid’ includes –

– What is First Aid?

– What’s in a First Aid kit?

– Heart attacks and strokes

– Typical injuries

– Getting too hot or too cold

You can access it for free here.

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How to Become a Provider

British Canoeing shared the How to Become a Provider document which outlines the requirements for British Canoeing Coaches & Leaders who wish to become recognised to deliver British Canoeing Qualifications and Awards.

The document can found in the Provider Zone under Guidance Documents.

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Bell Boat Helm Handbook

British Canoeing is pleased to share the Bell Boat Helm Handbook, aimed at Bell Boat Helms, which gives guidance around remits, tips for preparing and paddling a Bell Boat, as well as a range of games.

The Bell Boat Helm Handbook can be found on the under ‘Paddler Zone’ > ‘Supporting Resources’, or by clicking here.

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My Pathway

In order to support and guide you through your qualifications and awards journey, this interactive pathway takes you through every award, the relevant training, assessment and prerequisites. This enables you to make informed choices of the right pathway for you, based on your activities, your aspirational goals and the progression you want.

Click here to view My Pathway

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Environmental eLearning

The Introduction to Environmental Awareness eLearning contains a wealth of information about the problems affecting the environment and what you can do as a paddler to help.

The activity consists of 3 key sections: 1) Potential Threats, 2) Invasive Species and 3) Plastic Patrol.  To help embed the information and challenge you, each section includes a game at the end.

To visit the FREE Introduction to Environmental Awareness eLearning, simply click here.

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Environmental Definitions

British Canoeing is pleased to introduce the Environmental Definitions & Deployment Guidance for Instructors, Coaches & Leaders. This document provides guidance and suggestions for paddlesport activity and replaces the existing Terms of Reference document.

This document can be found under Provider Zone  > Guidance Documents.


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Find an Endorsed Guide

Endorsed Guides are a supportive network of British Canoeing Leaders, sharing best practice and like-minded ideas, in order to aid their learning and support paddlers on their journey.

To find an Endorsed Guide near you or to find out more about the Guide Scheme, please click here.

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5 Reasons to Become a Paddlesport Leader

The Paddlesport Leader is aimed at paddlers taking on formal leadership responsibilities in benign, sheltered water environments and aims to support Leaders to run safe, quality, enjoyable trips based on their group’s needs and aspirations. There is no compulsory training.

Read our Top 5 Reasons to Become a Paddlesport Leader



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British Canoeing has been on the road during the Autumn, across the UK, to update and support members, coaches and leaders on the developments within the Qualifications and Awards, specifically focusing on the Personal Performance Awards.

These events were a great opportunity to hear about the NEW Personal Performance Awards as well as the progress being made to date against the Coaching & Leadership Strategy and the upcoming developments.

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UK Coaching Nominations

British Canoeing will be represented by five nominations across four categories at the prestigious 2018 UK Coaching Awards, being held in London in December.

The principle of the Awards is to recognise and reward great coaching from people and organisations across the UK at all levels across sport and activity, from community to high performance. Click here to read more.

High Performance Coach of the Year
Craig Morris
Matthew Lawrence (Winner)

Coach Developer
Chris Brain

Lifetime Achievement
Dave Rossetter

Coaching Culture Organisation of the Year
British Canoeing (Winner)

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Which British Canoeing Qualification is right for me?

With the introduction of the Paddlesport Leader Award in April 2017, the launch of the Coach Award in January 2018 and the NEW Paddlesport Instructor Award available from January 2019, clubs, centres and organisations may be wondering which qualification is right for the activities they run. The following guidance will give you a clearer understanding of the options available to you and your paddlers wanting to start their journey on the qualification pathway. These are all direct entry awards which could be the first step for any aspirant Instructor, Coach or Leader.

Click here to view the guidance


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Personal Performance Award eLearning!

The Personal Performance Awards Provider eLearning is designed to support Providers with the delivery of the Personal Performance Award. This enables all Providers to access the package in their own time, reducing the need for travel, making this a more cost effective route for all Providers.

The eLearning will only be required to be accessed once, even though Providers may be delivering multiple awards and upon completion provides them with:

– 3 Year CPD update

– Assessor Training Course Completion

– A range of resources including a Provider Logo

– A downloadable version of the eLearning

The eLearning can be accessed here at a one off cost of £15

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Merry Christmas!

The British Canoeing Coaching & Qualifications Team would like to wish all of our Instructors, Coaches, Leaders and Guides a very Merry Christmas!

We hope you enjoy the festive period and look forward to working with you in 2019!