Coaching Diploma

Coaching Diploma. A man pulls about across the beach.

The British Canoeing Awarding Body Coaching Diploma programme is targeted at coaches who wish to further develop the performance of the paddlers they coach, who are operating at the forefront of paddlesport coaching, and who have an interest in Postgraduate level study.

Coaching Diploma Overview

Length of Programme

2 years

Previous experience

Applicants may have specialisms in one or more areas, for example:

  • Coaching paddlers in any of our competitive or non-competitive disciplines
  • Coaching paddlers in specific age groups
  • Coaching paddlers at different levels (e.g. beginner, intermediate, expert)
  • Coaching paddlers with different aspirants/motivations (e.g. participation, educational, high-performance, talent development)
  • Paddlesport Coach Education

Further Information

To find out more or to express your interest in the Coaching Diploma, please contact Natasha Devonshire through the contacts page here.

Course Documents

To view the associated documents with this course, click here.

The 2 year programme aims to support the development of coaches as visionary and knowledgeable decision makers, with exceptional skills, behaviours and the highest professional and ethical standards.

Coaches should expect that they will be able to advance their own and others development; lead cutting-edge programmes (or parts of); and make a positive impact on paddlesport performance and behaviour.

The course is an innovative programme run through a partnership between British Canoeing and the University of Stirling.

It aims to offer you an opportunity to reflect on your coaching practice; to question, share, reinforce those reflections; interact with, review, and consider academic literature to enhance your insights and to receive academic recognition.

Information for Potential Students

British Canoeing is inviting coaches who may be interested joining the British Canoeing Coaching Diploma starting in May 2019, to get in touch! Please see the following documents or read more here.

Coaching Diploma Information for Potential Students  Coaching Diploma Information for Potential Students (Size: 162.7 KB)

Coaching Diploma Questions for Potential Students  Coaching Diploma Questions for Potential Students (Size: 207.4 KB)