Foundation Modules

Below you will find supporting resources for Providers delivering Foundation Modules.

To download the resources, simply click on the relevant link. If you have any issues please contact us.

Summary Documents

Coaching The Mind Summary Document  Coaching The Mind Summary Document (Size: 364.8 KB)

Coaching Young Paddlers Summary Document  Coaching Young Paddlers Summary Document (Size: 368.8 KB)

Fitness For Paddlesport Summary Document  Fitness For Paddlesport Summary Document (Size: 364.0 KB)

Fundamentals of Movement in Paddlesport Summary Document  Fundamentals of Movement in Paddlesport Summary Document (Size: 364.6 KB)

Fundamental Paddlesport Skills Summary Document  Fundamental Paddlesport Skills Summary Document (Size: 362.7 KB)

Mentoring for Paddlesport Coaches Summary Document  Mentoring for Paddlesport Coaches Summary Document (Size: 366.1 KB)

Outdoor Education and Paddlesport Summary Document  Outdoor Education and Paddlesport Summary Document (Size: 363.4 KB)

Paddle-Ability Summary Document  Paddle-Ability Summary Document (Size: 370.8 KB)

Performance Planning for Paddlesport Coaches Summary Document  Performance Planning for Paddlesport Coaches Summary Document (Size: 374.9 KB)

Strength and Conditioning Summary Document  Strength and Conditioning Summary Document (Size: 365.7 KB)

Swimming Pools and Paddlesport Summary Document  Swimming Pools and Paddlesport Summary Document (Size: 366.5 KB)