Guidance Documents

Below you will find guidance documents for providers of British Canoeing Awarding Body Qualifications.

To download the resources, simply click on the relevant link. If you have any issues please contact us.

General Resources

Code of Ethics  Code of Ethics (Size: 300.3 KB)

First Aid Policy  First Aid Policy (Size: 499.1 KB)

Guidance for Paddlers and Pool Managers  Guidance for Paddlers and Pool Managers (Size: 486.4 KB)

Guidance Notes for British Canoeing Coaches Operating Abroad  Guidance Notes for British Canoeing Coaches Operating Abroad (Size: 411.9 KB)

Star and Leadership Guidance Notes  Star and Leadership Guidance Notes (Size: 487.9 KB)

Terms of Reference  Terms of Reference (Size: 801.2 KB)

Provider Resources

Provider Guidance Notes  Provider Guidance Notes (Size: 584.3 KB)

Course Staffing Requirements and Ratios  Course Staffing Requirements and Ratios (Size: 416.2 KB)

Candidate Resources

Candidate Registration Guidance  Candidate Registration Guidance (Size: 201.5 KB)

Coaching and Leadership Logbook  Coaching and Leadership Logbook (Size: 385.0 KB)

Recognised CPD Courses  Recognised CPD Courses (Size: 452.9 KB)