Leadership – Moderate Water

Below you will find supporting resources for Providers delivering Leadership courses on moderate water.

To download the resources, simply click on the relevant link. If you have any issues please contact us.

General Leadership

Leadership in the Challenging World of Paddlesports  Leadership in the Challenging World of Paddlesports (Size: 846.9 KB)

Canoe Leader

Canoe Leader Assessment Notes  Canoe Leader Assessment Notes (Size: 474.4 KB)

Canoe Leader Syllabus  Canoe Leader Syllabus (Size: 509.8 KB)

Canoe Leader Training Notes  Canoe Leader Training Notes (Size: 500.9 KB)

Sea Kayak Leader

Sea Kayak Leader Assessment Notes  Sea Kayak Leader Assessment Notes (Size: 487.2 KB)

Sea Kayak Leader Syllabus  Sea Kayak Leader Syllabus (Size: 451.6 KB)

Sea Kayak Leader Training Notes  Sea Kayak Leader Training Notes (Size: 466.7 KB)

Surf Kayak Leader

Surf Kayak Leader Assessment Notes  Surf Kayak Leader Assessment Notes (Size: 459.4 KB)

Surf Kayak Leader Syllabus  Surf Kayak Leader Syllabus (Size: 445.7 KB)

Surf Kayak Leader Training Notes  Surf Kayak Leader Training Notes (Size: 445.0 KB)

White Water Kayak Leader

White Water Kayak Leader Assessment Notes  White Water Kayak Leader Assessment Notes (Size: 481.7 KB)

White Water Kayak Leader Syllabus  White Water Kayak Leader Syllabus (Size: 491.4 KB)

White Water Kayak Leader Training Notes  White Water Kayak Leader Training Notes (Size: 485.1 KB)

White Water OC1 Leader

White Water OC1 Leader Assessment Notes  White Water OC1 Leader Assessment Notes (Size: 469.8 KB)

White Water OC1 Leader Syllabus  White Water OC1 Leader Syllabus (Size: 456.3 KB)

White Water OC1 Leader Training Notes  White Water OC1 Leader Training Notes (Size: 481.1 KB)