Awarding Body Organisational Structure

The British Canoeing Awarding Body Organisational Structure and the members who make it up are shown below.

The boxes shaded in grey represent the members of the Awarding Body Committee. If you are seeking contact details for the Awarding Body team please click here.

Organisational Structure - David Joy

David Joy

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Organisational Structure - Nancy Squires

Nancy Squires

Head of Governance and Compliance

Organisational Structure - Lee Pooley

Lee Pooley

Head of Coaching and Qualifications

Organisational Structure - Karen Bagshaw

Karen Bagshaw

Qualifications Administrator

Organisational Structure - Steve Storer

Steve Scorer

Awarding Body Chair

Organisational Structure - Graham Lyon

Graham Lyon

Awarding Body Committee Member

Organisational Structure - Heather Venis

Heather Venis

Awarding Body External Advisor

Organisational Structure - Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

External Quality Assurer

BCAB Committee Documents

BCAB Terms of Reference  BCAB Terms of Reference (Size: 197.1 KB)

BCAB Committee Minutes May 2021  BCAB Committee Minutes May 2021 (Size: 644.7 KB)

BCAB Committee Minutes March 2021  BCAB Committee Minutes March 2021 (Size: 807.0 KB)

BCAB Committee Minutes December 2020  BCAB Committee Minutes December 2020 (Size: 867.0 KB)

BCAB Committee Minutes August 2020  BCAB Committee Minutes August 2020 (Size: 801.8 KB)

BCAB Committee Minutes July 2020  BCAB Committee Minutes July 2020 (Size: 679.5 KB)

BCAB Committee Minutes May 2020  BCAB Committee Minutes May 2020 (Size: 712.1 KB)

BCAB Committee Minutes April 2020  BCAB Committee Minutes April 2020 (Size: 748.6 KB)

BCAB Committee Minutes November 2019  BCAB Committee Minutes November 2019 (Size: 706.7 KB)

BCAB Committee Meeting Minutes August 2019  BCAB Committee Meeting Minutes August 2019 (Size: 273.0 KB)

BCAB Committee Meeting Minutes May 2019  BCAB Committee Meeting Minutes May 2019 (Size: 242.5 KB)

BCAB Committee Meeting Minutes February 2019  BCAB Committee Meeting Minutes February 2019 (Size: 498.7 KB)

BCAB Committee Meeting Minutes August 2018  BCAB Committee Meeting Minutes August 2018 (Size: 232.4 KB)

Technical Groups

Technical Groups Terms of Reference  Technical Groups Terms of Reference (Size: 460.4 KB)

Technical Groups  Technical Groups (Size: 893.7 KB)