Paddlesport Coaching and Leadership Conference: Keynote Announcement

British Canoeing Awarding Body is pleased to announce Jenny Coe as our final keynote for the 2022 Paddlesport Coaching and Leadership Conference, taking place on the 12th and 13th November at Eastwood Hall, Nottinghamshire.

Moving, Flexing, Adapting and Growing…What does your development look like?

You might have heard the saying that the only constant in our life is change. Change in our self, the relationships we have and change in our perception of the world we live in. Daily, we are building new pictures, learning more about ourselves and marking milestones with every experience and encounter. Sometimes we don’t give ourselves permission to stop and think about the journey and we just keep doing. For this particular session we are going to forward. What’s coming next? What excites you? Where’s the next step taking you and in what direction. Do you have a plan or goal and how you can take responsibility to make your development your own. All the questions to ask as we dive into this interactive session.

We will get a chance to celebrate the trials and triumphs you have accomplished as well as looking at the what, how and why of your next steps with a couple of practical tools to use when you need and want.

What to expect from the session? Lots of thinking and doing. Nobody will be asked to share out loud or put on the spot to recite or recall anything, you will also not be asked to share your takeaways from the session. All I will ask you to do is to be aware of how you are arriving in the room and to do whatever helps you enjoy this experience.

Jenny Coe…

Jenny Coe has spent 25 years in different sporting roles from playground to podium she has seen, heard and felt the importance of understanding the individuals and relationships within each environment. She values connections and the underpinning care that supports people in working towards and maintaining their why. She aims to nourish the relationships so the trust and openness can empower those she works with to embrace the new challenges.

Jenny’s current role is working as a Head of Performance and Wellbeing with West Ham Women’s Football Team. A role where she is shifting the mindset in women’s football to consider the idea of performance through wellbeing.

You will also see her connected to anything supporting the growth of women in sport. She works with organsiations and National Governing Bodies around the world to identify and grow participation, retention in the female workforce and the development of their environments.

Jenny has recently co-edited the Myths of Sport Coaching and is part of two more book collaborations linked to women in sport and a part two of their impactful myths book.

Finally, she is also co-founder of the company Impact the Game, a company that supports coaches and athletes in the area of sports psychology. An opportunity for all sporting participants to understand the world of sports psychology in an accessible and enjoyable way.

We’ve recently announced Doug Cooper, Emma Atkins and Dr Peter Olusoga as our keynote speakers. We will be sharing further details of the 2022 Paddlesport Coaching and Leadership Conference over the next few weeks, ahead of bookings opening in June.