Personal Performance Award Resources

Below you will find supporting resources for Providers delivering the Personal Performance Awards.

To download the resources, simply click on the relevant link. If you have any issues please contact us.

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Generic Resources

Personal Performance Awards Provider Requirements  Personal Performance Awards Provider Requirements (Size: 562.9 KB)

Personal Performance Awards FAQs  Personal Performance Awards FAQs (Size: 882.8 KB)

Personal Performance Awards Details  Personal Performance Awards Details (Size: 661.0 KB)

Personal Performance Awards Final Recommendation Guidance  Personal Performance Awards Final Recommendation Guidance (Size: 542.1 KB)

Personal Performance Awards Provider Recommendation  Personal Performance Awards Provider Recommendation (Size: 173.1 KB)

Personal Performance Awards Delivering the Awards  Personal Performance Awards Delivering the Awards (Size: 699.2 KB)

Canoeing Content

Canoe Award  Canoe Award (Size: 909.6 KB)

Progressive Canoe Award  Progressive Canoe Award (Size: 1.7 MB)

Advanced Canoe Award  Advanced Canoe Award (Size: 722.7 KB)

Freestyle Content

Flat Water Freestyle Award  Flat Water Freestyle Award (Size: 810.0 KB)

Freestyle Award  Freestyle Award (Size: 969.6 KB)

Advanced Freestyle Award  Advanced Freestyle Award (Size: 978.0 KB)

Polo Content

Polo Explore Award  Polo Explore Award (Size: 764.7 KB)

Polo Perform Award  Polo Perform Award (Size: 670.8 KB)

Polo Excel Award  Polo Excel Award (Size: 702.0 KB)

Racing Content

Racing Explore Award  Racing Explore Award (Size: 837.1 KB)

Racing Perform Award  Racing Perform Award (Size: 659.7 KB)

Racing Excel Award  Racing Excel Award (Size: 814.5 KB)

Rafting Content

Flat Water Raft Racing  Flat Water Raft Racing (Size: 710.2 KB)

Stadium Raft Racing Award  Stadium Raft Racing Award (Size: 996.8 KB)

River Raft Racing Award  River Raft Racing Award (Size: 862.7 KB)

Sea Kayak Content

Sea Kayak Award  Sea Kayak Award (Size: 623.8 KB)

Coastal Sea Kayak Award  Coastal Sea Kayak Award (Size: 752.7 KB)

Advanced Sea Kayak Award  Advanced Sea Kayak Award (Size: 741.6 KB)

Slalom Content

Slalom Explore Award  Slalom Explore Award (Size: 643.2 KB)

Slalom Perform Award  Slalom Perform Award (Size: 694.8 KB)

Slalom Excel Award  Slalom Excel Award (Size: 869.3 KB)

SUP Content

SUP Sheltered Water Award  SUP Sheltered Water Award (Size: 991.5 KB)

SUP White Water Award  SUP White Water Award (Size: 721.6 KB)

SUP Paddle Surf Award  SUP Paddle Surf Award (Size: 858.9 KB)

Surf Kayak Content

Surf Kayak Award  Surf Kayak Award (Size: 940.7 KB)

Progressive Surf Kayak Award  Progressive Surf Kayak Award (Size: 931.9 KB)

Advanced Surf Kayak Awards  Advanced Surf Kayak Awards (Size: 993.6 KB)

Touring Content

Touring Award  Touring Award (Size: 689.0 KB)

Open Water Touring Award  Open Water Touring Award (Size: 739.4 KB)

Multi Day Touring Award  Multi Day Touring Award (Size: 753.7 KB)

White Water Content

White Water Award  White Water Award (Size: 852.5 KB)

Progressive White Water Award  Progressive White Water Award (Size: 914.7 KB)

Advanced White Water Award  Advanced White Water Award (Size: 694.4 KB)

Wild Water Racing Content

Wild Water Racing Explore Award  Wild Water Racing Explore Award (Size: 954.5 KB)

Wild Water Racing Perform Award  Wild Water Racing Perform Award (Size: 984.9 KB)

Wild Water Racing Excel Award  Wild Water Racing Excel Award (Size: 981.3 KB)