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Below you will find supporting resources for coaches delivering Paddlesport Activity Assistant Award courses.

To download the resources simply click on the relevant link. If you have any issues please contact us.

First Lot of Resources

BCAB Risk Management Policy  BCAB Risk Management Policy (Size: 536.2 KB)

BCAB Special Considerations Policy  BCAB Special Considerations Policy (Size: 223.5 KB)

BCAB Specified Levels of Qualifications Policy  BCAB Specified Levels of Qualifications Policy (Size: 176.8 KB)

BCAB Suitability for Continuing Recognition Policy  BCAB Suitability for Continuing Recognition Policy (Size: 381.8 KB)

BCAB Target Response Times  BCAB Target Response Times (Size: 203.2 KB)

Second Lot of Resources

BCAB Total Qualification Time Policy  BCAB Total Qualification Time Policy (Size: 178.8 KB)

BCAB Training for Regulated Qualifications Policy  BCAB Training for Regulated Qualifications Policy (Size: 202.5 KB)

BCAB Safeguarding Children Policy  BCAB Safeguarding Children Policy (Size: 285.9 KB)

BCAB Safeguarding Adults Policy  BCAB Safeguarding Adults Policy (Size: 315.6 KB)

Paddlesport Activity Assistant Coordinator Role Description  Paddlesport Activity Assistant Coordinator Role Description (Size: 298.2 KB)