Sea Kayak Leader (Moderate Water)

Sea Kayak Leader. A paddler navigating a moderate wave on the sea.

The British Canoeing Awarding Body Sea Kayak Leader Award delivers the personal skill level and leadership ability required to lead a group of paddlers on short, single or multi-day journeys in a moderate tidal water environment with winds not exceeding Beaufort Force 4.

Sea Kayak Leader Overview

Minimum age

16 years


2-day Training / 2-day Assessment


Optional and free-of-charge.  Leadership eLearning


  • Relevant Leadership Training: Sea Kayak Leader training within previous 3 years
  • Relevant Safety Training: Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning or similar RYA course (see Alternative Qualifications for Navigation and Tidal Planning Courses)
  • First Aid Award: Recognised 2-day First Aid within last 3 years
  • Registration Fee: £39 for Members
  • Age: 16 years of age or older

Finding a Sea Kayak Leader Course

To find a course in your area, contact your Delivery Centre by clicking the relevant logo at the bottom of this page

Course Documents

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Core Skills Covered

For full details of the content covered, please refer to the Sea Kayak Leader Syllabus.

Methods of Assessment

Assessments are normally run over two days.

The choice of venue should give the opportunity for:

  • Periods of no less than sea state 3-4 (or a tidal flow creating similar conditions)
  • A rocky coastline with available landings at least every 1-2 miles and areas where it is not easy to land
  • Launching and landing through small surf, less than 1 metre (trough to crest height)
  • Upon completion of the Assessment, the course provider will submit successful participants for certification.

For full details of the content covered, please refer to the Sea Kayak Leader Assessment Notes.