White Water Kayak Leader (Moderate Water)

White Water Kayak Leader. A paddler going of a small drop in white water.

The White Water Kayak Leader course delivers the skill level required to lead a group of paddlers in appropriate locations, up to moderate white water conditions and to judge the conditions and the standard of the group and make appropriate decisions along with the need to modify plans as required.

White Water Kayak Leader Overview

Minimum age

16 years


2-day Training / 2-day Assessment


Optional and free-of-charge.   Leadership eLearning

Completion time

You have 3 years to complete the course


  • Relevant Leadership Training: White Water Kayak Leader training within previous 3 years
  • Relevant Safety Training: White Water Safety & Rescue training or (or Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Technician)
  • First Aid Award: Recognised 2-day First Aid within last 3 years
  • Registration Fee: £39 for British Canoeing members
  • Age: 16 years of age, or older

Finding a White Water Kayak Leader Course

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Course Documents

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The White Water Kayak Leader course content emphasises the application of strokes to achieve suitable techniques and boat control in real situations and covers the following:

  • Part A – Personal Paddling Skills
  • Part B – Rescue Skills
  • Part C – Safety, Leadership and Group Skills
  • Part D – Theory

For full details of the content covered, please refer to the White Water Kayak Leader Syllabus.


Assessments are normally run over two days and take place on sections of white water that must include suitable river journeys.  The rivers used must be moderate white water and include the following:
  • A variety of different types of eddies
  • Suitable surf waves and stoppers
  • Wave trains
  • Technical paddling sections that require route choices to be made

Upon completion of the Assessment, the course provider will submit successful participants for certification.

For full details of the content covered, please refer to the White Water Kayak Leader Assessment Notes.